The Plasma Elite ® Fibroblast Plasma Pen is 100% made in Britain and designed according to the electrical Safety-standards IEC60601-1ES60601-1. The Plasma Elite II ® Plasma Pen, follows the ISO standards in manufacturing to make this device safe to use. Our Plasma Pen has ground-breaking technologies to ensure consistent delivery of a stable Plasma Arc by using a stabilised precision source to deliver the Arc at exactly the right frequency which guarantees precision spotting and sublimation. The frequency can be described as low frequency.

Our handset has the stability of a Direct Current controlled unit, that means our pen doesn’t need earthing pads which a lot of the DC units normally require. We have Dual feedback loops within the control circuits to ensure a stabilised and consistent application whatever the charge of the battery. It doesn’t matter whether you use high or low frequencies you need to create the right plasma arc and distance between the skin and the arc tip for great results.

The most important element of any plasma machine is the training of how and what to do with the plasma spark to use it properly, safely and effectively.

The probes we are using are one of the finest on the market place with a .44 size tip enabling very fine spotting. Each probe is individually sterilized and disposed of after each treatment.